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In Harrah, Oklahoma, at the Gorczyca Brangus Ranch we strive to breed quality Brangus bulls which will work for the Registered Breeder, as well as, the commercial cowman. The first trait we select for is overall temperament and disposition. Next, we look to use sires with a relatively low birth wt. to eliminate those unwanted calving issues but we still try and maintain a high weaning and yearling wt. for the producer as added pounds raised are a plus to the producer when marketing their animals. Gorczyca Brangus is always trying to improve their bulls and put more predictability into your purchase where the buyer can rest assured that problems have been eliminated. We are now using ultrasound technology and DNA Testing on all animals which will be sold private Treaty at the Ranch or any sold in a sale that we will be participating in with our cattle. We only leave the best calves for bulls so you can rest assured if their caring the JG Brand on their side we thought they would have a place in your herd. We have show prospects or herd sires available at all times. So feel free to stop and look at what is available for sale at the Ranch in central Oklahoma anytime. Below is a small sample of bulls which is currently for sale, as well as, many others which are currently not pictured. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Oklahoma Brangus Association Sale - March 26, 2022

At 12:00 noon McAlester Union Stockyards in McAlester Oklahoma.

These two herd sires will be consigned to the Oklahoma Brangus Association Sale.   Many other bulls will be private treaty at the ranch.  Call for pricing and availability.  for Questions in regards to sale Bulls or Private Treaty call jack Gorczyca at 405-760-9057.

JG Mr. Option Jet 804H5

Birth Weight 75lbs.
Weaning Weight 799
Yearling Weight 1059
Great Temperament
Birth Weight EPD -0.3
Weaning Weight EPD 13
Yearling Weight EPD 20
Milk EPD 7
Total maternal EPD 14


JG Mr. Signal Plus 804 H 7

Registration Number R 10485664
Birth Weight 73
Weaning Weight 784
Yearling Weight 1385
Good disposition
Birth weight EPD -0.9
Weaning weight EPD 33
Yearling weight EPD 60
Milk EPD 3
Total Maternal EPD 20

Bulls For Sale

Many others not pictured. Please call for pricing.


Registration Number: R10399585


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